5 Varieties Of Potato That Are Ideal For Making Chips


If you own a food business that serves chips, you don't want to get stuck with bulk bags of potatoes that aren't ideal for chipping. Waxy potatoes should be avoided as their low water content leaves them with a slightly firm bite once cooked. Floury potatoes develop a crispy outer layer and fluffy inner layer when cooked in oil due to their higher water and starch content, so these varieties make excellent chips. Here's an overview of five varieties of potato to consider ordering if you serve chips in your café, pub or food stand:


This mid-season potato has creamy flesh and a round shape. It's ideal for making short, chunky chips, and the skin isn't very thick, so it can be left on without detracting from the taste of the potato. Atlantic potatoes have a low incidence of bruising and splitting, so there's little waste.


This year-round variety has smooth skin, an oval shape and a delicately nutty essence. It browns beautifully when fried and produces a firm chip that's delicious with a sprinkling of fresh herbs, such as tarragon and chives. Kennebec potatoes resist blight and other disease well, and their shallow eyes ensure your chips have a uniform appearance and aren't covered in holes due to the eyes being removed.


Sebago potatoes are long in shape and are available mid-season. They produce a high yield, which can make them economical. Their high starch content makes them very fluffy when fried as the potato starts to break down when cooked, but the outer layer remains crispy.

Royal Blue

Royal blue potatoes have golden flesh and distinctive purple skin, which fades to light brown when fried. This variety doesn't suffer internal bruising, which, again, can make them an economical option as there's little waste. They have a long, oval shape, so they're ideal for thin chips, and the skin crisps up well.


These floury potatoes have white flesh and are grown all over Australia. They are round and tend to be on the smaller end of the scale for a chipping potato, but they have good disease resistance. These potatoes are ideal for chunky chips, and the thin skin can be left on for quick and easy preparation.

Buying commercial bulk potatoes will help you make sure you always have what you need to supply your guests with delicious chips. Consider experimenting with different potatoes so you can find the perfect chips for your menu.


17 October 2016

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