Sweeten Up Your Menu With These Ginger Cocktails


Looking for a fun way to expand your drinks menu in the upcoming season? Then it may be time to try ginger cocktails. This root lends a brilliant flavour to many fun drinks. Check out these ideas:

Ginger Mojitos

Make a statement with a mojito that goes far beyond the usual mint flavor. Just like a traditional mojito, start with a shot or two of spiced rum, and follow that up with an equal amount of club soda.

Now, instead of simple syrup, add pineapple juice—use about twice as much as you did club soda. To complete the flavour profile, add a few sprigs of mint, a couple spoonfuls of sugar, and finally a fingerful of crushed ginger. Put it all in a cocktail shaker, mix vigorously and strain out the chunks. Then, serve over ice and garnish with pineapple slices.

Gin and Ginger

Once your customers try the gin and ginger, they may never want a boring gin and tonic again. This drink requires ginger syrup. You can buy it or make your own. Just boil equal parts sugar and water with ginger until the sugar is dissolved, and then, strain out the ginger.

Then, put a shot of gin and a few dashes of lime bitters over ice in a tall glass. Fill the glass with your ginger syrup. Add a squirt of lemon and garnish with mint leaves.

Whiskey Ginger

For people who like a stronger liquor with a bit of sweetness, whiskey ginger is ideal. If you like you can make this drink with ginger beer that you purchase from a food supplier, or you can make your own ginger beer. Just make the ginger syrup described above, but increase the water to sugar ratio so it's about one part sugar to two parts water. Then, carbonate the mixture.

To serve, pour a shot of whiskey in a short tumbler over ice. Then, fill to the top with your ginger beer.

Grapefruit-Lime Cocktail With Ginger Accents

Sometimes you just need a hint of ginger to balance out other strong flavours, and this cocktail is based on that principle. Start by boiling some water in a pan with sliced ginger and rosemary. When the water is bubbling and truly pungent, remove it from the heat. Then, strain out the ginger and rosemary, and sweeten with honey when cool. Also, squeeze in some grapefruit juice.

To make the cocktails, grab a tall glass, and pour a shot of white rum in it. Add an equal amount of your ginger and rosemary mixture. Then, add double that amount of grapefruit juice. Fill the last bit of the glass with a splash of lime. Garnish with rosemary sprigs.   

To get more ideas on drinks or food to serve in your establishment, or if you're looking to buy ginger wholesale, contact a food supplier.


4 June 2017

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