Two Tips for Anyone Who Wants to Host a Fun Run Next Christmas


If you would like to arrange a fun run for the local people in your area next Christmas, you might be interested in the tips presented below.

Bulk-buy wholesale Christmas crackers and cram them with runner-friendly snacks

If the fun run will be taking place near Christmas, then you will probably want it to feel like a festive event. There are many ways to do this; you can, for example, encourage the runners to wear Santa hats and decorate the finish line with tinsel and Christmas lights. One other thing that you might want to do is bulk-buy wholesale Christmas crackers for the event from a company like Party Temptation and hand them out to the fun-run participants when they reach the finish line. Ideally, you should source them from a food supplier, as you will then be able to have them crammed with snacks that will help the participants to recover from and refuel themselves after the run.

Some post-run snacks that you might want to have the supplier put into the Christmas crackers include foods that feature an abundance of glucose, such as energy bars, biscuits and sweets, as these will help the runners to replenish their bodies' glycogen supplies. When ordering these items, you should check if your supplier has festive versions of these items available that will work well with the fun run's theme. For example, you might want to request some energy bars that have traditional Christmas characters (like Santa Claus or Rudolf) on their packaging and ask for some bags of cranberry-flavoured sweets.

Make sure you feed the fun-run onlookers, too

Whilst the participants in the fun run will be the centre of attention throughout this event, it is important not to forget about (and therefore end up neglecting) the onlookers. Their presence and their cheering-on of the runners will help to spur on the participants when they start to tire and will ensure that the atmosphere at this event is fun and supportive.

One way to ensure that these people feel included is to offer them some free, delicious food. The foods you have your supplier whip up should be easy for these individuals to hold and consume without using cutlery. For example, you could order a few dozen mince pies, a big batch of peppermint-flavoured hot chocolate and some festive-looking cake pops. Providing these treats will ensure that the onlookers stay well-fed and happy throughout the fun run.


14 January 2020

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