Look Out for These Ingredients If You Want to Sell Vegan Confectionery


One of the fastest-growing lifestyle choices in recent years is veganism. As it becomes more popular, it makes sense for retailers to cater to this growing demographic to attract greater sales and increase business. If you sell lollies, there's an opportunity to really stand out from your competitors. There aren't that many confectionery retailers who currently consider vegans in their displays, meaning there's a niche ready for filling. Just creating a section in your shop with vegan-friendly products could give your business a nice little boost, particularly as vegan word-of-mouth is an impressive force.

18 August 2017

Sweeten Up Your Menu With These Ginger Cocktails


Looking for a fun way to expand your drinks menu in the upcoming season? Then it may be time to try ginger cocktails. This root lends a brilliant flavour to many fun drinks. Check out these ideas: Ginger Mojitos Make a statement with a mojito that goes far beyond the usual mint flavor. Just like a traditional mojito, start with a shot or two of spiced rum, and follow that up with an equal amount of club soda.

4 June 2017